Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Teaser Tuesday #1

This week I'm going to try something new. I recently decided to start doing Teaser Tuesday which is a really cool thing where you post a snippet of the books your currently reading or about to start reading onto your blog or twitter. The snippet should be about one to two sentences long chosen at random from the book you choose. It's important that you remember not to give away any spoilers to your readers tho.

Okay, so...my first book is a book that I'm reviewing for a new up and coming author named, Yuaziiqann. His novel is entitled Me. The novel follows Aaron, a young boy who is an immigrant from Ghana as he is reflecting on his life after he is shot. I've previously started this book, but had to put it down to do my homework. The review for this book should be ready by the end of this week. 

"You know I would have if I could, but there was no time. No time and no money, a deadly combination."

My second reading book is, Aravind Adiga's Last Man in Tower. This book is another requirement for my Global Literature class. It's a novel about, a group of tenets in a run down apartment building in India. The novel looks at the groups fight against the corporation that tries to take over their apartment building to rebuild. 


"He held up his fist; in the weak light of the candle it cast a shadow on the wall. The earth, in infinite space."

Finally, my last book choice I'm choosing a book that I've wanted to read for a while entitled, 32 Candles by Ernessa T. Carter. The book is coming or age type story about Davie Jones, an "ugly duckling" who grows into a swan and tries to win over her crush from high school. 

 "Later, I would review those three days of my life and feel such profound relief and gratitude that I had survived them with my body and soul intact."

Whelp, that's it til Friday! 



  1. Wow! I love your teasers and how you described in your own words on what the book was about :D Thanks for sharing luv! <3

    1. Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog! I really appreciate your feedback.